Rebecca Harrington, DSW

Rebecca Harrington, DSW

Psychotherapy | psychoanalysis | clinical supervision



Since opening my practice in 1999, I've been assisting clients in making positive life changes by helping them to cultivate greater self-awareness and emotional flexibility. Although we start with the here and now, unresolved issues from the past create obstacles that hold people back in the present, causing them to feel "stuck." Together in therapy, I can help you identify and work through such issues by addressing underlying emotions and bringing them into consciousness. Psychotherapy is a process. Through it, anxiety and depression begin to lift. This ultimately makes it possible to get "un-stuck" and to develop a deeper sense of inner peace and emotional freedom, stronger self-esteem, and more fulfilling relationships with oneself and others. 

From the start, my goal is to create a safe and caring therapeutic relationship and environment where you can speak honestly and openly about yourself. No subject, feeling, or emotion is taboo in my office. My style is warm, compassionate, non-judgmental, holistic, collaborative, and interactive. I don't believe in a "one size fits all" model. Instead, I tailor the treatment to each unique person I work with in therapy. My overall approach is psychodynamic. It is informed by psychoanalysis, behavioral methods, and mindfulness, as well as my life experience, personal yoga and meditation practice, and, most of all, by being human!

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